Lamborghini Urus 2018 India full review

Lamborghini Urus 2018 India Full review The Lamborghini has introduced a suv named Urus ,which is not just an suv but a super suv with incredible looks and features and also ranked among one of the fastest suv of world. The surprise is that Lamborghini Urus is successfully launched in the land of people who always love to buy Suv and we are talking about India. Urus inherits the tremendous looks from Lamborghini with sharp cuts and distinctive lighting all over the body and is marked as the well performing suv designed by the Italian car makers. The front part of the car has got an muscular body together with the sharp and the deep edges with the combination of bold headlamps and the Y shaped day time running lights. The below hexagonal designs looks something different and catchy to the eyes of the people, the side profile of Lamborghini Urus is designed with sharp edges with the length of 5112mm and height of 1638mm which is a good figure for a practical suv. Along with this the ke…

The Cheapest cars at an affordable price year 2017-18

The Cheapest cars at an affordable price

The cars with new features but an old price , the price upto 5 lakhs only!

Renault Kwid Racer Edition ( 4.5 L - 5 L )

As we all know that the sales of Renault kwid has shown a great response in the Indian market but on the other hand the customer very not satisfied with the engine ,as the engine was not up to the mark as compared to the overall body of the car and now the company has decided to come up with a upgraded model with improved engine of 1.0 L with a very slightly rise in the price. The Renault kwid racer was first seen in the Auto Expo and the public were amazed to see the car with great decor design from inside and outside at such an affordable price and the Renault has customise the car into a racing car as the name suggest itself . The front side of the car is highlighted with the C shaped day time running lamps embedded in the headlamps , the colour red is outlined  on all the different potions of the car that increases the sporty look of the car ,18 inch alloy wheel , the airdam below the grill is adding great look to the car.

The Interior of Renault Kwid Racer

If talk about features than the interior is a bit same as that of Kwid but if talk about customisation than a lot of changes are made inside the Kwid racer but still the features at such a price are better than nothing.
Redesigned dashboard with coloured combination
Chromed Ac controls
Infotainment system
Seterlight navigation
Sports car designed seat belts
Space for storage (more cubby holes)

The Engine, Power and Transmission

Engine -                                            1.0 L petrol engine                          

Power  -                                                    67 bhp       
Transmission -                                   5 speed manual

Torque-                                                  91 Nm at 4250 rpm

And the mileage of the Kwid racer is 23km/l which is a good figure for a fuel efficient car and the expected launching date for the car is September 2017 but the bookings are skill on in the Renault showrooms and the car has shown a great response as the booking is increasing at a tremendous rates.

Tata Tiago  (3.2L - 4L)

The Tata has not getting a good response for it's previous model such as Bolt but now the Tata comes with a car that will provide a tough rivalry to the other hatchback segments selling in the India . The Tiago looks edgy and sharp from the front also the Tata logo is highlighted on the black glossy grill , the below glossy airdams signifies the style of the car. The Tiago stands with 170mm of high ground clearance and the side profile looks sports with the clear cuts edges.
The Tata has designed the car with a lot of clear adjustments such the spoiler at the back with the black edgy design on it's sides , these designs will make the people turning the head towards the car again and again .

The Interior

Storage spaces at the different locations inside the cabin
Height adjustable driver seats
Infotainment system (no screen display)
8 speakers with good audio
Phone connectivity
BT and Charging point
Adjustable steering wheel

The Engine, Power and Transmission

Engine -                                            1.2 L petrol engine                               1.05 L diesel engine                
Power  -                                                    84bhp                                                  65bhp
Transmission -                                   5 speed manual                                     5 speed manual

Torque-                                                 3500 rpm                                                  3500 rpm

The Safety feature that the Tata Tiago is promising with are dual airbag , ABS and EBD also offering a boot storing space of 240 L which is enough to store the luggage easily and if talk about the cabin space , it much better than the rivals of the Tiago as it provides a good space inside the car on a reasonable price. The car along with the interactive features is fuel efficient too
Petrol  -23km/l
Diesel  -27km/l

New Redi Go 1.0 (3.4L - 3.6L)

The Datsun Redi Go started out in India with an engine of  800cc and the response of the Indian market towards this car was less or even moderate at some places and the only reason was low power and engine. Now seeking the demand of the market the Datsun has launched a new Redi go with an improved engine of 1.0L which makes the public amazed as the car has overcome the Jerkiness which was find in the earlier model and changed the driving experience and made the driving experience great . The Redi go has a different exterior design and the day time running lamps is the main attribute that makes the car look more stylish and the car stands on 185mm of ground clearance that assures that the car is able to face the different road conditions easily.The Redi go will be available with the two variants and the price may differ according to the particular variant.

The Interior

Good music system
Stylish a/c vents
Central locking
Remote keys
Cubby holes on the differnent places in cabin

The Engine, Power and Transmission

Engine -                                            1.0 L petrol engine      
Power  -                                                    68bhp                                                
Transmission -                                   5 speed manual                                    

Torque-                                                 4250 rpm                                                 

The Safety feature that the Datsun Redi Go is promising with is driver airbag and no ABS. The mileage that the car is providing with is 22.50Km/l which is a great figures , if we talk about the other competent in the market.
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