Lamborghini Urus 2018 India full review

Lamborghini Urus 2018 India Full review The Lamborghini has introduced a suv named Urus ,which is not just an suv but a super suv with incredible looks and features and also ranked among one of the fastest suv of world. The surprise is that Lamborghini Urus is successfully launched in the land of people who always love to buy Suv and we are talking about India. Urus inherits the tremendous looks from Lamborghini with sharp cuts and distinctive lighting all over the body and is marked as the well performing suv designed by the Italian car makers. The front part of the car has got an muscular body together with the sharp and the deep edges with the combination of bold headlamps and the Y shaped day time running lights. The below hexagonal designs looks something different and catchy to the eyes of the people, the side profile of Lamborghini Urus is designed with sharp edges with the length of 5112mm and height of 1638mm which is a good figure for a practical suv. Along with this the ke…

Defencive cars used by the defence sector

The Defencive cars used by the defence sector

Along with the tanks and trucks their are many defencive cars which are used by the armed forces for protection of nation which may also be used for their traveling purpose or act as a source for shifting defencive goods from one place to another.
The defencive sector is divided into different units on the basis of air defence, water defence, land defence and each of these units require some mode of transportation. There are different automotive companies that offers their cars to defence sector which includes Mahindra , Tata, Ambassador, Maruti etc. The list of vehicles used by the armed forces in India-

Maruti Gypsy

The Maruti is one of the private sector supplier of vehicles to the government officials . One of the mostly used defencive vehicle by them is Maruti Gypsy which was introduced in 1986 and this is also reviewed by customers as king of jungles because it is designed in such a way that it can be used for off roads aswell and thus it is ideal for the army men to travel a long off road distance. The Gypsy is now only designed for the defence sector and it is used by the low rank army officers in India.
The car comes in two models one is hard-top and the another is soft-top version and both are suitable for off road travelling and you will definitely find this car on the mountainous regions and even on sandy base. Along with the great performance the car is reliable and easy to repair that is the best thing that the army men has no need to wait for their journeys as they can easily repair small faults of Gypsy.

Hindustan motors Ambassador

This is one of the royal and the oldest car of the Indian automotive sector which is still being produced by Hindustan motors from the year 1954. The comfort is still alive in the car from past 51 years and it is assigned to the commanders and the high post officials in India. The king of Indian roads is a powerful and solid car in terms of it's body and engine and also offers a classic look from outside. The prominent officials still prefer Ambassador for their journeys and offers a sitting capacity for 5 passengers. The biggest reason for opting this car by the defence force is safety as the car is safer than the upcoming cars in India.

Tata Sumo

It is the big utility vehicle from Tata , suv based Sumo used for covering the long distance journeys for both public and the armed forces. We might have seen the Tata Sumo's in green colour with medical sign on it  which signifies that the car is for the defencive purpose as the Indian defence force uses the car as a medical van which is stored with medicines and other inputs that are needed to the army men.
It is a spacious car that can carry upto six solders in case of emergencies during the war and also as a medical van it is stored with the basic clinic environment from inside to cure the patients in case away from hospitals.

Willys Jeep 

This was one of the first military vehicle produced in US.
This is commonly known as Jeep and was introduced in 1941 and still used by the armed forces in not only India but the Willys Jeep is used as a defencive truck in USA.
Now the use of this car is reduced as compared to it's use in the earlier wars in India as the car does not have roof for the protection to the army men but is ideal to the desert areas with it's strong grip to the surface and is very light weight to drive in different road conditions.
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