Lamborghini Urus 2018 India full review

Lamborghini Urus 2018 India Full review The Lamborghini has introduced a suv named Urus ,which is not just an suv but a super suv with incredible looks and features and also ranked among one of the fastest suv of world. The surprise is that Lamborghini Urus is successfully launched in the land of people who always love to buy Suv and we are talking about India. Urus inherits the tremendous looks from Lamborghini with sharp cuts and distinctive lighting all over the body and is marked as the well performing suv designed by the Italian car makers. The front part of the car has got an muscular body together with the sharp and the deep edges with the combination of bold headlamps and the Y shaped day time running lights. The below hexagonal designs looks something different and catchy to the eyes of the people, the side profile of Lamborghini Urus is designed with sharp edges with the length of 5112mm and height of 1638mm which is a good figure for a practical suv. Along with this the ke…

Hyundai Azera review, specifications, features and performance

Hyundai Azera (premium sedan) full review

Hyundai have launched a premium sedan in the automotive market that not only comes with good looks but great performance also. The premium sedan means the car that satisfy in terms of good cabin space, luxurious features and also long boot or long rear bumper. All new Hyundai Azera has got some eye catching looks from outside and convenient cabin from inside with best in class space that is packed with a lots of interactive features.

New Hyundai Azera

The Azera gets an attractive front with cascading grill on the face of it that highlights the logo of Hyundai in the centre , the Island hood parting design looks glamorous, the headlamps catches attention with integrated curved led light as DRL, very long hood that ultimately increases the size of the overall body of the Sedan, the side profile looks amazing with the chromed details, the exterior is overall designed with the premium lines that highlights the car in detail, 18 inch alloy wheels, the electronic side mirrors, the dual chromed exhaust pipe on the rear side of the car. The combination of all these designs makes the Azera looks dynamic and attractive from outside.

The Interior of the Hyundai Azera 

The term premium sedan completely fits with the car as it  provides a comfortable cabin with good sitting arrangement for the passengers and the premium features that makes this car different from the other cars in the market. The features includes-

8 inch touch screen infotainment system
Android connectivity and apple car play
Navigation system
Premium seats with front and rear heated seats
Front seat air ventilation
Seat cushion system which is equipped with soft cushion under the knees of the passenger
12 way seats adjust ability with power seats
Ambient lighting that is adjustable according to your mood
Steer mounted controls
Cruise control
Horizontal crash pad layout
Power charging sockets in the storage box
Rear A/C
Integrated memory for the seats arrangement
Panoramic sunroof
Power shades for windows
7 audio speakers
 Keyless entry (remote starter)
The cabin

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The performance also plays an important role while reviewing a car and Azera is designed as an premium performance sedan that will deliver good, powerful engine and outshines on all the road conditions. The engine of Hyundai Azera is based on GDI technology that ensures that the car will offer great fuel economy and smooth driving experience.

Engine                          3.3 L V6 engine
Power                           293 bhp
Transmission                6 speed automatic 
Torque                           450 Nm
The Hyundai claims that the car will provide a mileage of 20-28Km/l in city and highways  which is very attractive figure that makes the car categories into the fuel efficient sedans.
The Azera is packed with the numerous of safety features that will keep the passenger safe while sitting inside the car, one of it's best safety feature is blind spot detection that will alert the driver with the audio and visuals. The other safety functions that you will get includes-

1. Rear parking sensors that will alert the driver at the time of parking
2. Forward collision warning system that will alert the driver as the camera is equipped in the front    and with the help of sensors the car alerts about the collision.
3. 9 airbags that are placed in the different positions inside the car
4. Lane assist system that will helps the driver to be in his lane and this would result in avoiding the accidents because of traffic.
5. Automatic high beam assist
6. Advance automatic cruise control that will automatically allows the driver to maintain a distance between the car and the another vehicle on road, also automatically accelerates and brake system.
7. Automatic braking when there is need for it.
8. 360 degree park assist that will allows to park very easily.
9. Rear cross traffic alert that will alert in the traffic areas.

Side profile and the rear view of car
All these safety features are amazing and this will helps the passenger being safe and enjoy the great driving experience .The hands free smart trunk feature is also their that will automatically open the boot when we stand in the front of the dicky for 3 seconds and also their is no need for kicking the boot lid to open it.The price may varies with the different countries but the cost of this premium sedan that is reviled by the company is $34100.

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