Aerodrive Celerio and how this self driving car works?

Aerodrive  Celerio  based on Self driving concept A team that started the project Aerodrive as a startup for making the self driving cars and they worked on the Celerio. The aim behind the project is to make the cheapest car with the Auto poilet mode, and they worked on an Indian car for showing that they have designed the India's self driving car. The Aerodrive Celerio would be the first Indian car with the driverless technology started by the team of 6 members that called it the project fisheyebox  and the budget for the designing the new technology inside the car cost upto 20 lakh , which is still less than that of the expensive auto poilet cars which is manufactured by the automotive companies outside India.

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Maruti suzuki Arena- New sales outlet

Maruti Suzuki introduced a new sales Outlet named as Arena

The maruti suzuki designed a new showroom named Arena which has not only changed the name but also improved the services and infrastructure with all new concepts that builds the showroom into next level. Maruti suzuki Arena comes with new designed Outlet with not only from outside of the building but also from inside in terms of service and customer satisfaction. This is only for the regular cars of the Maruti suzuki as the Nexa is the showroom for the premium vehicles which is other than Arena. The Arena offers a spacious room for all the services which deals with providing information of cars to the interested buyers but it has replaced the old method of providing brochure to the customers with the new technique of  explaining about cars with digital technology that includes onscreen display that consist of all the cars that the company deals with and providing a deep info. about the specifications, features and pictures of the favorable car.

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There are about 80 Maruti suzuki showrooms which are upgraded with new changes and the company has claimed to upgrade all it's outlet very soon and the customers are waiting for the change. The Maruti suzuki Arena is totally customer friendly showroom in which customer can also operate their touch panels in form of tablets for seeing the pictures, configurations of the car with a 360 degree view. The company is spending a lot all because of their customers and trying to offer them the best service from the other automotive companies.

The Customer friendly Arena consists of following functions under one roof

→ A cafe for the customers in the showroom instead for backside pantry.
→ Online test drive services so that the individual has no need to wait
→ Best serving staff with good knowledge for helping the buyer
→ Adopting new technology for serving customers
→ Touch panels for the customer access for 360 degree view of car in screen
→ Touch screen information display next to the sample cars
 →Accessories for all the cars that the Maruti suzuki are dealing with that ranges from music    section,safety and lifestyle section, Interior section, Exterior section
→ A spacious lounge of the buyers with a separate cabin for the customers waiting for delivery of their cars.
→A promise for the premium services.
➝Warm lighting and new ambience.
➝Road type design on the floor under the car for a attractive look.


The strategy behind the Arena is to transform our network and meet customer expectations as said by Kenichi Ayukawa ( MD and Ceo of maruti suzuki) . The main strategy is to attract customer with stylish interior and exterior of the showrooms and not only this but also provide one of the best service from all the other automotive exclusive showrooms.
As all know that Maruti suzuki offers one of the best service to their customers and now they have opted for a big step for their customer satisfaction which would be a good decision for improving the customer and employee relations.

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