India's first CUV named Ford freestyle

The first Compact utility vehicle (CUV) launched by Ford and named as Freestyle by the company. 
Ford introduced a new and cool suv and is categorized under the new CUV segment that is purely designed for the small families. The Ford freestyle comes with all new designs and features with a powerful engine and will give a tough competition to it's rivals. The front look of the freestyle is totally based on the new and unique design as it is not inherit from the other Ford models, instead of that commonly used chromed outlining the Ford freestyle comes with the detailing of black color that make this CUV look more aggressive. The headlamps are sharp and dynamic and the thing that is missing is the day time running headlamps which is now equipped in all cars whether cheap or expensive. The sales of this crossover is limited to the Indian market as this concept is mainly designed to target the Indian families at a moderate price rate and if talk about price of Ford freestyle it start…

Renault Captur review, features and specifications

Renault Captur 2017 full Review, Features and Specifications

Renault Captur
Renault Captur is a premium suv with a crossover looks that will be competing Hyundai Creta, Jeep Compass and many other suvs in the Indian market. It's said that Renault Captur is based on the Renault Duster's platform but from outside it is impossible to say that Duster and Captur share a common platform. The exterior comes with the great combination of different colors and the front face looks aggressive and bold with the U shaped chromed front with mat grills that highlights the Renault logo, Iconic C shaped day time running lamps and full led headlamps that are integrated with the swiping indicators looks amazing. At the rear side of the Captur there are also ripple effects on the tail lamps that gives a good personlization to the back view of the suv , the wheels of Captur are different from the standard wheel design as it is crystal cut 17 inch alloy wheels that enhances the side profile of the suv. If we talk about the side profile then it measures 4329mm length from the side that it a bit longer than the Duster and the width is 1813mm, height is 1619mm and it comes with a ground clearance of 210mm in pictures it looks small than actually it is.

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Renault Captur Personlization 

Personlization in the suv

Renault Captur is offering the exterior and interior personlization option to their customers in which you can personlise your car design according to your own wish which include dual tone body color, designs and pattern,chrome detailing, designer matts and 25 plus add ons to add more look to your car.

Renault Captur Interior

The cabin that Renault is offering is packed with lots of interactive features but many of the options are their that should be their in this suv are missing that include the sunroof, very usual roof lining design, the hard plastic material all over the dashboard that was not expected from the car of this class, with all these limitations still the Renault is claiming their car as a premium suv.
The plenty of  features that you will find inside the cabin includes-

→7 inch touch screen infotainment system which is common in all the Renault models ranging from Kwid to any other high variant.
→Premium leather seats with dual tone combination
→Automatic headlamps
→Rain sensing wipers
→Automatic climate control
→Cruise control
→Rear A/c vent
→Parking camera and assist
→Ambient lighting
→Front and the rear arm rest
→Keyless entry
→Push to start/stop button
→Chromed inside door openers
→Butterfly shaped instrument cluster with digital speedometer as that of Kwid
→3 spoke Steering wheel with steer mounted controls
→Smart card acess with the card holder inside the cabin

the cabin

 The Renault Captur has provided a great interior but their are very few options that are missing one is the Apple carplay and android connectivity, the sunroof and the minor detailing on the dashboard.
The front driver seat is not comfortable for the taller drivers due to low height of the suv and the rear cabin is fine of the sitting capacity of 3 individuals but the passengers may feel congested in terms of leg room. The car will also provide a option for the rear seat adjustability that the rear seats get folded that will increase the boot capacity of the car with no rear seat adjustabilty the boot size is 390 L that is less than the Duster. The boot space get expanded to 1352 L if rear seats are folded.


The performance also plays an important role while reviewing a car. The company will be providing options for petrol and diesel.

Engine                          1498cc engine Petrol                      1461cc engine Diesel
Power                           106 bhp                                             110 bhp
Transmission                6 speed automatic                            6 speed automatic
Torque                           142 Nm                                             240 Nm
Cylenders                         4                                                        4

Safety Features 

Along with the good performance the passenger should also be provided with the safety, so the automotive companies should maintain their safety features to provide a happy and safe driving experience. The safety feature that you will find with this suv are-

→Hill Start assist helps the car in maintaining with their grips that will tends to prevent from being rolling down on the hilly surfaces or the slopy areas.
That assure that the Captur is ideal for off roading and safe too.

→ABS (anti lock braking system) that allows the vehicle to maintain a contact of the wheels with the road surface and prevents the wheels from being locked at the time of suddenly applied brakes by the passenger although it will improves the handling in case of applying brakes and also leads to a better tyre grip to stop the vehicle more effectively.

→Front and the rear Airbags that opens automatically when the car collides with an obstacle.

→Electronic Stability control which is a good safety option that maintains the stability of the vehicle and prevent it from being skidding.

→Speed Limiter that maintains the speed limits.

Price of Renault Captur
The price of the suv ranges between 12-15 Lakhs that varies in price with the type of variant. The expected date of the launching of this Suv in India is in the month of October but the booking are open in the nearest Renault showrooms.
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