Lamborghini Urus 2018 India full review

Lamborghini Urus 2018 India Full review The Lamborghini has introduced a suv named Urus ,which is not just an suv but a super suv with incredible looks and features and also ranked among one of the fastest suv of world. The surprise is that Lamborghini Urus is successfully launched in the land of people who always love to buy Suv and we are talking about India. Urus inherits the tremendous looks from Lamborghini with sharp cuts and distinctive lighting all over the body and is marked as the well performing suv designed by the Italian car makers. The front part of the car has got an muscular body together with the sharp and the deep edges with the combination of bold headlamps and the Y shaped day time running lights. The below hexagonal designs looks something different and catchy to the eyes of the people, the side profile of Lamborghini Urus is designed with sharp edges with the length of 5112mm and height of 1638mm which is a good figure for a practical suv. Along with this the ke…

Top 4x4 cars in India

The Top 4x4 cars in India

What do we mean by term 4x4 for cars?

The 4x4 is also known as four wheel drive (4WD) and the function is very helpful in the off road conditions as the system activates the power to all the wheels of both axle (front and back). The vehicles with the normal drive allows  movement of only front wheel spinning that leads to a low power as compared to 4x4 vehicle that allows equal power to all the wheels that ultimately leads to equal speed to all the four wheels which is suitable of all rough surface, snow conditions, rocky mountains. The vehicles with 4WD get a button equipped inside the cabin that allows the driver to activate  the button in the off road conditions for a easy movement in the uneven surface.
This function works when the signals are transferred to the front and the rear axle that allows the movement of all the four wheels in a equal speed. The 4WD drive comes with the three categories-

Part time 4WD-  The part time 4WD is a function in which only the two front wheels can operate and this function does not have center differential.
Full time 4WD-  In this the vehicle operates as a four wheel drive and the driver gets an option to lock the center differential that activates the full time 4x4.
All time 4WD (AWD)- In this vehicle operates as a four wheel drive and the driver doesn't have power for operating the center differential. 

How it works?
The major inputs that allow the vehicle to run as 4x4 are - Front and rear differential which is the main part for it's working, Engine, Shaft, Transfer case and transmission.
The working of 4WD will be explained with the help of an example- suppose you are running a normal car on road and certainly the direction changes and you have to turn then speed of the tyres will be more on the opposite side than the turning direction and in case of the 4x4 the speed of all the tyres are equal but at the time of turn the speed of the tyre is controlled by the differential which makes the function run easily. This would help in reducing the accidents too.

The top 4x4 cars introduced by the Indian market

Largely the 4WD comes with the Suv's in the Indian market as they are heavier and needed more power to run on different road conditions.

Ford Endeavour  (28 L- 34.6 L)

Ford endeavour
The new ford endeavour was introduced in 2016 as new version after a long decade, the Suv comes with a option of both 4x4 and 4x2  which activates it modes for off roading in any terrains.
Engine -  3.2 L 
Power  -  197 bhp
Torque-   500 Nm
Transmission-  6 speed AMT
It is also one of the favourite Suv in terms of power, specifications and it's overall features.
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Mahindra Scorpio (9.58 L -15.5 L)

Mahindra Scorpio
The Mahindra scorpio is giving a tough competition to it's rivals with the dynamic features and muscular Suv styling . The Suv comes with the option of 4x4 as a variant which is one out of it's 5 models.
Engine- 2.6 L
Power-  75 bhp
Torque- 200 Nm
Transmission-  5 speed manual
The Scorpio comes at an affordable price, also packed with plenty of features in it.

Tata Safari storme (9.7 L - 14.48 L) 

Tata Safari Storme
Tata safari storme is one of the biggest competitor to Mahindra scorpio, as they are similar in terms of price but the customers with choose one on the basis of their differentiation in their specifications and features.
Engine- 2.2 L
Power- 140 bhp
Torque- 320 Nm
Transmission- 5 speed manual 
The Tata claims that safari strome is the real Suv and the answers will depend on the customers feedback and the safari is getting a great response from it's happy customers.

Mahindra XUV 500 (12.2 L - 18.4 L)

Mahindra XUV 500

The Xuv 500 is one of the best Suv by Mahindra and the most selling output of the company. The Xuv 500 looks more than a suv with it's catchy exterior, along with the good looks the suv is suitable for any road condition with it's 4WD option in version W8 and W10.
Engine- 2.2 L
Power- 140 bhp
Torque- 330Nm
Transmission- 6 speed AMT AWD
The cheetah inspired Suv is one of the best Suv with amazing features and design.

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