Lamborghini Urus 2018 India full review

Lamborghini Urus 2018 India Full review The Lamborghini has introduced a suv named Urus ,which is not just an suv but a super suv with incredible looks and features and also ranked among one of the fastest suv of world. The surprise is that Lamborghini Urus is successfully launched in the land of people who always love to buy Suv and we are talking about India. Urus inherits the tremendous looks from Lamborghini with sharp cuts and distinctive lighting all over the body and is marked as the well performing suv designed by the Italian car makers. The front part of the car has got an muscular body together with the sharp and the deep edges with the combination of bold headlamps and the Y shaped day time running lights. The below hexagonal designs looks something different and catchy to the eyes of the people, the side profile of Lamborghini Urus is designed with sharp edges with the length of 5112mm and height of 1638mm which is a good figure for a practical suv. Along with this the ke…

Aerodrive Celerio and how this self driving car works?

Aerodrive  Celerio  based on Self driving concept

A team that started the project Aerodrive as a startup for making the self driving cars and they worked on the Celerio. The aim behind the project is to make the cheapest car with the Auto poilet mode, and they worked on an Indian car for showing that they have designed the India's self driving car. The Aerodrive Celerio would be the first Indian car with the driverless technology started by the team of 6 members that called it the project fisheyebox  and the budget for the designing the new technology inside the car cost upto 20 lakh , which is still less than that of the expensive auto poilet cars which is manufactured by the automotive companies outside India.

Aerodrive Celerio

How does a normal car turned into Self driving car

You will be surprised to know that the car not even consist of the steering wheel inside the cabin but instead you will find a joystick to control certain operations in case of manual driving mode , the joystick allows the driver to operate the car for acceleration and braking. When the driver will pull it back it leads to reverse and the front push leads to acceleration ,taking the joystick movement to left turns the Aerodrive Celerio into the left direction and right push in the right direction, also it is equipped with few buttons for certain minor controls.
When the individual sits inside the cabin for the first time he always ask "How does the Aerodrive Celerio starts" as there is no place for key entry and no push button to start/stop and the answer is the car works on the command system, as when the driver commands to start the engine the car will get started automatically. The technology works by recognizing the voice of the driver and the engine works automatically.
Seeing the road conditions the car adjust the speed automatically but it is quite slower than an individual's preferable speed and the car even lacks in sensing the obstacles fast that comes on the road but still it is successful in detecting the obstacles while driving the car. 
The Aerodrive Celerio is based on the navigation system that automatically navigates the lanes and makes the passengers reach to their destination even for the safety Aerodrive is installed with the Pedestrian detection control that enables the protection to the passengers and even the people on the road.
The brain of the car is the CPU that provides the command to the car for operating various functions and along with the other inputs installed inside the car to make it a self driving car-

IMU (Inertial Measuring unit) that helps providing the locations with the help of GPS , the gyroscope that helps in measuring and maintaing the rotation of the wheel and the accelerometer.

Camera that senses the surroundings which is alike a normal camera of 720x 1080 px forward spacing camera.

It is equipped with Lidar system that allows the car to easily sense the environment in 3D for more accuracy which is the one of the best feature that you will amazed to find in Aerodrive Celerio. 

Will it be adopted on the Indian Roads?

Now that is an another big question that the car that fisheyebox had released , is accepted by the India roads ie Will the authorities will give permission to run this car on Indian road networks. The Aerodrive has sent the information to the Government related to the Aerodrive Celerio and asked them to check the car practically for it's implementation on the road network. But no response have been received yet.



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